Educators: Lesson Blueprints: Elementary

The Lesson Blueprints resources further provide academic programming options and have been provided to help you enhance and modify the video curriculum with additional lessons, assessment rubrics, and other helpful information. These materials are open ended in that they leave room for the teacher to specify the topic to debate, the subjects of current events to be analyzed, the focus of the film to be created, the theme of the discussion, the quotations to be dissected, the details of the project, etc. Teacher support materials for discussions, question building, and writing prompts can be found in this section as well as lessons introducing students to the core competencies of SEL.

What is Social and Emotional Learning?

SEL Lessons Overview
SEL Stations Overview
Relationship Skills Lesson
Responsible Decision Making Lesson
Self-Awareness Lesson
Self-Management Lesson
Social Awareness Lesson

Current Events

Current Events Report
I, Journalist
Mix and Match
Same Story/Different Sources
The Shape of the News

Apps in the Classroom

Activity/Lesson/Project Ideas

Discussions and Questions

Give One, Get One
Question Slips
Talking Piece

List of Books, Music, and Poems

Resource List

Graphic Organizers and Charts

A-Z Chart
Chain of Events-Timeline Graphic
Frayer Model Graphic Organizer or Chart
KWL Chart
Problem-Solution Graphic Organizer
Word Detective Graphic Organizer
5 Senses Graphic Organizer

Writing Projects


Writing Prompts for SEL Topics

Social Awareness
Relationship Skills
Responsible Decision Making Skills

Writing Rubrics

Narrative Writing
Argument/Opinion Writing
Informative/Explanatory Writing

Poetry and Rubrics

Acrostic Poem
Cinquain Poem
Couplet Poem
Five Line Poem

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