Educators: Lesson Blueprints: Middle and High

The Lesson Blueprints resources further provide academic programming options and have been provided to help you enhance and modify the video curriculum with additional lessons, assessment rubrics, and other helpful information. These materials are open ended in that they leave room for the teacher to specify the topic to debate, the subjects of current events to be analyzed, the focus of the film to be created, the theme of the discussion, the quotations to be dissected, the details of the project, etc. Teacher support materials for discussions, question building, and writing prompts can be found in this section as well as lessons introducing students to the core competencies of SEL.

Quotations Lesson Blueprints

What is Social and Emotional Learning?

Why SEL? for Middle School
Why SEL? for High School
Establishing Class Norms

Current Events Lesson Blueprints

News Article/News Anchor Script
Letter Writing
PSA Poster
What? So What? Now What?

Debate Lesson Blueprints

Four Corners Debate
Tag Team Debate

Discussions and Questions Lesson Blueprints

Discussion Organizer
Focus Fives
Mapping Responses
Question Stems

Documentary Analysis Lesson Blueprints

Documentary Interview Elements 1:3
B-Roll 2:3
Teamwork Interview 3:3

Quotations Lesson Blueprints


Rubrics Lesson Blueprints

Participation in Discussion
Participation in Discussion Specific Text
Group Participation
Universal Art Rubric
Universal Music Rubric

Video Production Lesson Blueprints

Documentary Production Video
Lesson 1: Gathering a Crew
Lesson 1: Worksheet
Lesson 2: Writing a Script
Lesson 2: Worksheet
Lesson 3: Storyboard and Shooting Plan
Lesson 3: Worksheet
Lesson 4: Editing
Lesson 4: Worksheet
Lesson 5: Final Look
Lesson 5: Worksheet
Video Production Project Rubric

Writing Project Lesson Blueprints

Research: List of Suggested SEL Topics + Rubric
Persuasive Writing Prompts and Rubric
Narrative Writing Prompts and Rubric
Expository Writing Prompts and Rubric

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