Integrity – Playing Sick


Family Resources on Integrity

Lesson Topic

Integrity – Playing Sick

Essential Questions

How do we show integrity?

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Getting Ready for the Conversation

Conversation Starters and Practice at Home Activities

School to Home Resources on Integrity


Previewing Activity:

Teacher will bring out a broken item and tell a story about how an item that was a gift from a friend was broken by accident. Tell students the friend was so excited to give you this item, and now that it is broken, you are very worried about the next time you see him/her. Ask students:

  • “Should I tell my friend what happened or just say nothing?”
  • “Should I tell my friend the truth? Why?”

Explain that the video they are going to watch is also about doing the right thing.

Activity 1:

Watch video: Integrity: Playing Sick [3 minutes]

Activity 2:

Discussion questions following the video:

  • 1. Samantha and Zach tried to trick their mother to stay home from school. Did they act with integrity? Why or why not?
  • 2. What did they learn from their experience?
  • 3. What would have been better choices for Samantha and Zach? Why?
  • 4. Why is it important for people to be able to tell the truth?
  • 5. Do people know that you tell the truth?

Activity 3:

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down


Ask students to demonstrate using their hands to make “thumbs up” and “thumbs down”.

Tell students that today they will be the integrity experts!

Direct Instruction:

Explain to students that you are going to give them a scenario or story about something that really could happen. Once students hear the story, they will think about it and then vote thumbs up if the person in the story acted with integrity or thumbs down if they did not.

Guided Exploration (We do):

  • Read a scenario.
  • Ask students to think and vote.
  • Ask a few students to explain why they voted as they did and give feedback.
  • Continue this with each scenario.

Independent practice

Place students with a partner to create an original scenario that could happen at school that would require a person to act with integrity.

Have groups share as time permits and discuss.


Discuss how students can act with integrity and reinforce why it is important.

Vocabulary and Definitions

Circumstances (n.), the specific details of an event or the facts that affect a situation.

  • Under the circumstances, we cannot possibly hope to compete with the healthy competitors.

Consequences, (n.), something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions.

  • Alice know that if she stained her sister’s sweater there would be serious consequences for her action.

Integrity (n.), being honest; doing the right thing; the quality of always having high more principles.

  • Sandra acted without integrity when she cheated on her history test.

Scenario (n.), a situation that could possibly happen.

  • One possible scenario is that our class wins all of the events at Field Day this year.


Saba saw Maria taking something out of Pedro’s desk earlier in the day, but Saba is not sure what Maria removed. Maria has been Saba’s friend for three years and she doesn’t want her to get in trouble. Saba decides to talk to the teacher about what she saw.

Sula received a new bike for her birthday and rode it to school the next day. Andrea really wants a bike, but her parents have told her they cannot afford one right now. Andrea is at the end of the line when her class goes past the bike rack and with no one looking, she sticks a thumb tack in the tire of Sula’s bike.

Alex is angry with Pattie and wants to get even by getting Pattie in trouble. Alex tells the teacher that while doing independent writing in class Pattie has been bothering him and keeping him from finishing his work even though Pattie was doing her work and did not say anything to Alex.

For homework, Andrew must write a story on any topic he selects. Andrew’s friend attends a different school, so Andrew copies a story that his friend wrote and turns it in as his own.

Kanara and Divine play on the same soccer team. Kanara dribbles the ball down the field and Divine runs close by to help. Kanara kicks the ball into the goal, but the referee thinks Divine kicked it and scored. The referee gives Divine credit for the goal. Divine tells the referee that Kanara scored the goal.

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