Building Trust

Lesson Topic

Students will practice and discuss how to build trust within groups.

Essential Question

What are essential characteristics of developing trusting relationships?

Building Trust – Angel

Lesson Plan

Family Being Together

Angel says, “I have got make sure this family stays together”. Angel is clearly invested in making his family life as strong a supportive as possible. Why do you think this is important? Angel describes his family relationships, what are some actions you can take to strengthen your own family relationships?

Follow Your Dreams

Angel’s mother says, “Follow your dreams, not only for yourself but for your sister too”. What clues can you find to indicate that Angel’s family is committed to each other? Describe what you can learn from this?

The Leadership Program

Angel says, “The greatest thing that happened to me was this leadership program” and we see the leadership program facilitator say “So you’re all guys who are leaders in your home”. Being a leader in the home can mean many things because there are many ways for families to be structured. Describe a role in your family where you demonstrate leadership. Why is this role important to the overall health of your family?

Take Care of Your Brother

Another student in the leadership group says, “If your brother’s down, you pick him up… If he’s having problems at home you speak to him, you ask him what’s going on…whatever you can do to help a person out for the better”. Describe what you think this means. Why is it important for people to have strong, supportive connections with others outside of the family?

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