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Lesson Topic

Students explore the meaning of teamwork and how to strengthen their teamwork skills.

Essential Question

What are the important characteristics of teamwork?

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Being Part of a Team – Ashley

If this lesson was used in the classroom: Students assessed the characteristics of teamwork and how individuals work together as part of a team (all types of teams, not just sports teams). In class students discussed the various aspects of team membership and how people work together effectively. In groups students discussed and assessed the characteristics of teamwork and how individuals must understand how to work together successfully

Getting Ready for the Conversation

The video for this module features a youth named Ashley who plays on the boys’ football team at her high school. Because it was the first time a girl had played on her school’s football team, some were skeptical that it was a good idea. Asley discusses what it is like when she first tried out for the team and how she filled an important role

Conversation notes:
This lesson lends itself to two connected themes that parents and mentors can explore: gender roles
and teamwork. Both issues come up in the main video clip.

Several women have played professional baseball with men-although not at the major league level
including Lizzie Murphy:
and Jackie Mitchell:

An article providing some background on gender roles and boys can be found at Generation Next:

An article providing some background on gender roles and girls can be found at Greater Good:

This study found that gender diverse workplace teams were more effective than male dominated
workplace teams:

Women leaders often positively impact organizations:

Constructive Conversation Starters

The first item is for follow-up after viewing the lesson video and participating in class activities.

Part of the class activity asked you to rate yourself regarding teamwork. How did you rate yourself on each aspect of teamwork? Explain why you rated yourself as you did. Are there changes you feel you need to make? Why or why not?

Various studies have found that diversity amongst team members often leads to improved performance. Why do you think that teams (not specifically sports teams) that are more diverse tend to have better results?

List several activities that are part of the family’s everyday life (such as meal preparation, cleaning, home maintenance). Does our family do a good job of avoiding gender stereotypes in various family activities? Why or why not? If concerns are raised develop a plan to diversify roles and assess after a period of time.

Why is it important to learn and practice being part of a team? What teamwork skills do you believe you do well? What skills do you think need improvement? Develop a plan for improving skills and check in regularly to assess skill development.

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Lesson Plan

Relationships with teammates

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Ashley says, “the risk for me is that I cannot let these guys down”. Ashley has competed successfully in several sports besides football. She knows the importance of working together as a team. Why are the relationships between team members so important to high level teamwork? How do you rate yourself as a team player? What can you do to be a better team member regardless of the team’s task?

Not being quick to judge

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Ashley says, “[I want people to say] I’m a kicker, I can kick. Instead of saying ‘she’s a girl and she’s kicking’”. Why do you think Ashely has concerns about that some spectators might not notice her skills? Everyone has biases, what can you do to help someone else have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, rather than immediately deciding a person can or cannot do something? Why is it important to not judge too quickly?

Everyone has value

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Ashley’s teammate Al says, “we have a good kicker; we know that we’re going to get the extra point after we score. That gives us an edge on the other team”. What do you think Al believes about the importance of every person’s role on a team? Why do you say so?

Positive relationships

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Part of developing effective teams involves developing positive relationships between all team members. In the video, Ashley stated that she was “honored” to be part of the football team. What did she mean? How would you go about developing positive relationships with others if you were the new person on a team (there are many types of teams, not just sports teams)? Why is developing relationships with others so important for effective teamwork?

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