Stepping Up

Relationship Skills

Family Resources on Stepping Up

Lesson Topic

Students will learn participate in an initiative to practice leadership and problem-solving skills.

Essential Question

How do we use leadership skills to work together and solve a problem?

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Stepping Up – Krystal

If this lesson was used in the classroom: Students analyzed the qualities that make a good leader and considered how to apply these qualities to their lives. Students discussed the definition of leadership and examples of good leadership skills. In small groups students used quotes from recognized leaders to apply leadership qualities to their own lives.

Getting Ready for the Conversation

The video for this module features a high school student named Krystal who is a summer camp counselor helping younger kids enjoy new experiences at an overnight camp. Krystal shares how she leads the younger kids and motivates them to make the most of the outdoor camp experiences.

Conversation notes:
The practice of leadership takes many forms and adolescence is usually the first time that many people have the opportunity to practice leadership skills. Ongoing practice and continuingly seeking opportunities for leadership is an important asset for growth.

The latest stories about youth leadership from the Spark Action website:

Story from the Earth Day Network on youth leaders to follow on social media:

Constructive Conversation Starters

The first item is for follow-up after viewing the lesson video and participating in class activities.

Describe the most meaningful leadership quote that was discussed in class today. What values of leadership your small group discuss? Why do you think this value/these values resonated with you?

Leadership is more than being in a position to tell others what to do, what do you are essential qualities for good leadership? Why do you think so?

Name someone from the neighborhood or community that you see as a good leader. Why do you think this person demonstrates quality leadership skills? Give examples. [This might also be used in the negative to have the student discuss examples of poor leadership as well.]

School to Home Resources on Stepping Up

Lesson Plan

A leader all of us can be

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Krystal says, “some people will say ‘oh that kid will never amount to nothing’, you haven’t let them explore their surroundings, you always put them down, instead of putting them down why don’t you let them step up-be that leader that all of us can be”. Why is a good leader someone who sees untapped potential in others? Why does a leader develop potential in themselves?

I can do this

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Krystal tells about the first time she had to roll a kayak on her own. She says, “I finally flipped the boat myself; I came out and after that I said ‘you know what-I can do this myself’”. Why does developing leadership skills require people to accomplish goals that they find difficult?

A different kind of leadership

Self-advocacy is an initiative to help teach people with differing abilities advocate and give voice for themselves rather than relying on others. Watch this video as Theresa Moore discusses leadership and her experience. Ms. Moore does not lead others in a traditional sense, but she still is a leader. Why are leadership skills important to learn even for someone who may not lead large groups of other people?

Leaders find solutions

Watch this story from PBS Student Reporting Labs about Jesse Garcia. Leadership usually involves a problem-solving process. What leadership qualities do you think Jesse Garcia exemplifies? Why do you say so?

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