Decision Making – Resilience

Responsible Decision-Making

Family Resources on Decision Making - Resilience

Lesson Topic

Students will discuss freedom and decision making while also considering the responsibilities involved in decision making.

Essential Question

What considerations are necessary as I have the opportunity to make more decisions as I grow up?

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Decision Making – Resilience

If this lesson was used in the classroom: Students learned about decision making skills. In class students discussed the types of decisions they are allowed to make compared to decisions that are still made for them by adults. In small groups students discussed what decisions are reasonable for a youth to make and how to make decisions as they get older using a “Decisions for the Future” handout.

Getting Ready for the Conversation

The video for this module features two students, SQ and Ryan and each boy’s mother. Each mother has a different approach to decision making for their son. Both boys discuss how this affects the decisions each teenager can and cannot make.

Conversation Starters and Practice at Home

The first item is for follow-up after viewing the lesson video and participating in class activities.

Tell about (or share) your group’s “Decisions for the Future” sheet. Describe why your group made the decisions that you did.

Why is it that youth your age cannot make all the same decisions that adults can? Do you think this is fair? Why or why not?

What decisions are you comfortable making on your own now? Why?

What are some decisions you will face in the next year? Five years? How can we support you in making quality decisions?

What could be a situation where it is okay to make a poor decision? What are some situations where it is always necessary to make good decisions? Describe why you think so.

Schools to Home Resources on Decision Making - Resilience

Lesson Plan

Being unfairly judged

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Both Ryan and SQ say that people unfairly judge them. Ryan says, “people become suspicious of people who are into subcultures” and SQ says, “he’s got colored hair he’s into drugs-l already know that”. Why do you think Ryan and SQ say they have been unfairly judged?

Not all parents make the same decisions

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Both SQ and Ryan’s mothers have opinions about the decision that their sons have made. Ms. Brantley talks about the importance of boundaries for Ryan. Ms. Sunseri discusses how she lets SQ have as much freedom as possible. Explain how each can be correct in how they allow their sons to make decisions.

Decision making can have consequences

In every state, teens must be at least 18 to purchase tobacco. But some teenagers still choose to smoke before they are old enough to legally purchase cigarettes. Watch the video story from Teen Kids News about proposed changes in movie ratings. Why are there people advocating for a change in the movie rating system. How does what youth see in movies encourages some to make the decision to start smoking? Do you think changing movie rating would work? Why or why not?

Teens trying to influence decisions of others

Watch this student-produced video about a group of students who rallied in Utah to protest pollution in their state. Even though these students are young they made the choice to visit their state capital. Why do you think these students decided to go to the state capital and protest? What decision were the students trying to encourage legislators to make? Do you think they were effective? Why or why not?

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