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Lesson Topic

Leadership and personal leadership

Essential Question

What qualities are invoked in leadership?

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Leadership Program – Angel

If this lesson was used in the classroom: Students learned about the characteristics of good leadership and how leadership should be focused on supporting others. In class students watched a video featuring Angel, who describes the obstacles he has overcome and the support he receives from others. Students participated in discussions about the characteristics of leadership and how quality leadership sustains others.

Getting Ready for the Conversation

Angel may live in a neighborhood with limited opportunities, but he has found a way to reach success. A leadership program at school has provided him with a group of people who support each other in making their lives better and reaching their goals.

Conversation Starters and Practice at Home

The first two items are for follow-up after viewing the lesson video and participating in class activities.

Describe some of the interesting comments that were mentioned in class. Why do you find these interesting?

What are some similar experiences you have had to Angel? What are some different experiences? Why do you think the support of other students is so important to Angel?

Describe the leadership skills you think you possess? Why do you think so? (It may be necessary to remind your child that leadership should not focus on being able to tell others what to do. Some might choose to ask, “What do you think the term ‘servant leadership’ means?” instead.)

What are some things that are needed in our community to make sure that all young people feel valued and safe? Why do you think so?

School to Home Resources on Leadership Program

Lesson Plan

Looking for a Positive Group

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Angel says, “the neighborhood and the gangs basically stole my childhood”. What are some suggestions you have for creating groups that are more positive to be involved in? Why do you think your suggestions would work?

Handling Fear

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Angel says, “now the mentality of being able to handle that fear”. What do you think helps Angel handle this fear now? Why do you think it works?

Needing Guidance

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Angel comments, “I think guys who really didn’t make it were just young men who were lost-who didn’t have someone to help and guide them”. Would you agree that teens need someone to help and guide them? Why or why not?

Having Potential

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Angel says that someone needs to say, “you have this potential”. What do you think potential means? Why does it matter for someone to say, “you have this potential”?

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