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Lesson Topic

Mindset for success

Essential Question

How do people reach long-term goals?

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Power of the Mind – Darion

If this lesson was used in the classroom: Students reflected on how to overcome obstacles that that could interfere with their health and happiness. In class students watched a video featuring Darion, who describes the difficulties he faced in reaching his goal of attending college. Students participated in a discussion about obstacles and completed a drawing activity using a road and road signs as a metaphor for obstacles and supports on a journey.

Getting Ready for the Conversation

Darion grew up surrounded by the gang lifestyle, but with the help of his mother and others in the community he has opportunities. Earning a college scholarship has given him a sense of hope and he intends to make the most of his opportunity.

Note: In the time since the video was filmed, Darion has graduated from college and is pursuing a career in media and film.

Conversation Starters and Practice at Home

The first item is for follow-up after viewing the lesson video and participating in class activities.

Show or explain the drawing you made in class. Why did you choose this (or these) signs?

Not all obstacles are equal, but everyone has obstacles that interfere with their happiness. What supports do you have to overcome obstacles? Why are these effective?

As a family, are there actions we can take in our neighborhood or community to support young people? Develop a plan for implementing the ideas discussed.

School to Home Resources on Power of the Mind

Lesson Plan

Make Life Better

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Darion says, “I’m going to make my life better”. What do you think causes Darion to say this? Why do you think it is important for Darion to make his life better?

I Had the Power

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Darion says, “The first moment I realized I had power was when I got my scholarship”. Earning a scholarship is a big deal for most people. Why do you think Darion says that he has “power”? What do you think you have the power to do? Why do you say so?

A Turning Point

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Darion comments, “I used my mind…it’s a turning point for me”. Give an example of a time you have used your mind to do something that was worthwhile. Why is it important to use your mind?

Success for My Community

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Darion says, “I’m going to be part of a project that is going to be a huge success not only for me, but for my community”. We do not know what Darion is working on, but it is clearly important to him. Why is it important to do things that not only benefit you but also others around you?

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