Unlikely Friendships


Family Resources on Unlikely Friendship

Lesson Topic

Students should discuss and explore the importance of friendship in various contexts. Fulfilling friendships can occure with people who are similar to us as well as those who may be different.

Essential Question

What are the important qualities of lasting and fulfilling friendships?

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Unlikely Friendship – Cary

If this lesson was used in the classroom: Students learned what it means to be a friend to others and what to seek in a friend. In class students discussed the qualities of friendship and participated in an activity designed to help them think about why friendship is important.

Getting Ready for the Conversation

In order to become a friend to others it is important to learn many ways that people practice friendship towards one another. Cary demonstrates this with his work with animals in a veterinary clinic, for standing up for others and his friendship with an elderly neighbor.

Conversation Starters and Practice at Home

The first item is for follow-up after viewing the lesson video and participating in class activities.

Describe the ways Cary is a good friend. Why would you think as you do? Why do you think Cary’s work with animals is an important quality of friendship?

What should you look for in a friend? Why?

How can we demonstrate friendship for the community (as opposed to just individuals)?

Describe someone that you think has the qualities of a friend. Why are these important?

Is it important for youth to have friendships with older adults? Why or why not?

School to Home Resources on Unlikely Friendship

Lesson Plan

Difficult Experiences

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In the video, Cary says, “The first animal I saw die, that was the hardest thing I have ever experienced”. Why do you think this was hard for Cary? Why do you think Cary kept working in a place where difficult things happened?

Being Compassionate

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The veterinarian Dr. Empel said, “when he found out he was the eyes and ears of the back of the animal hospital, he realized what responsibility it was…he really became compassionate”. Why do you think it was important for Cary to learn to be both responsible and compassionate? Why would only being compassionate not be enough to do his job?

Being a Friend

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Cary tells us about his friendship with his neighbor, Sam. Describe why Cary finds his friendship with Sam important. Many young people do helpful things for elderly family members or neighbors, why is spending time talking with an elderly friend so valuable?

Standing Up for Others

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Cary talks about a time when another student had been teased and bullied, “when I see people make fun of him, I just go up to them and say he never did anything to you so there’s no reason for you to pick on him”. Why do you think Cary defended the student? Why is it important for someone to stand up and say what Cary said? Could you do the same thing? Why or why not?

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