Pre K-2 Character & Life Skills Archive

The PreK-2 curriculum provides preschoolers with age-appropriate activities that encourage personal, social, and emotional development. Through creative activities, these engaging lesson plans will inspire your preschoolers’ interest and help instill an early love for learning. Click on the images below.

Caring: The caring nature of family and new friends helped Hallie and Elena Ricardo cope when their family moved to another state.

Citizenship: Meredith and her friends donate their hair to a community organization, Locks of Love, as a way to help make life easier for peers like Callie Connaughton.

Cooperation: Cooperation on stage and behind the scenes is critical to a play’s successful run.

Courage David Mullinax showed courage when he helped his bullies cope with their own personal problems.

Courtesy: A violent argument at a basketball game reminds Colt Barron that both children and adults can teach others to be courteous by modeling courteous behavior themselves.

Diligence: Carmen Bandea diligently works toward her goal of becoming a world-class tennis player.

Fairness: Hunter Scott and Shaina Mangum work hard to succeed despite the unfair physical challenges they face.

Freedom: Branka and Alexandra Lalovic’s family fled to America to escape a war in Sarajevo and to experience more freedom.

Generosity: Monique Swinger devotes her time and commitment to mentoring community youth. There are many benefits to helping others.

Helpfulness: Krystal Williams models helpfulness for her campers on a daily basis.

Honesty: When students choose to steal, cheat, or lie, they must accept the negative consequences of their dishonest behaviors.

Honor: Students find unique ways in which to honor the memory of their friend and classmate, Nader Parman II, who died in an accident.

Integrity: Samantha and Zach Riedford chose to fake an illness so they could stay home from school, while Clinard Stokes acted with integrity when he witnessed friends take a lost wallet.

Kindness: Russell Mayhew’s first-hand experience taught him how it feels when people behave unkindly.

Loyalty: Ashley Martin’s loyalty and dedication helped her to win her teammates’ respect.

Patience: Although Sarah Hoa has played the violin for years while Lane Siedor is just beginning her viola lessons, both girls must exercise the same level of patience as they strive to improve.

Peace: Sherrell Bostic and Mariah Rivera are best friends who sometimes must work hard to maintain a peaceful friendship.

Perseverance: With dedication and hard work, Jeannie Placek persevered to become a successful gymnast.

Respect: Despite their obvious differences, Gema Villacis and Sarah Gaspari have formed a unique friendship based on respect.

Responsibility: Ricky Stocks, Dane Scherbarth, and Melanie Hoffman learned to stay safe by being responsible.

Self Control
Self-Control: Students learn to deal with situations that make them angry or upset in a calm and friendly manner.

Togetherness: For Allison Major, Lane Siedor, Irene Butler and Catherine Cheetham, there is no “I” in “team.”

TrustworthinessTrustworthiness: Best friends Meredith and Molly, along with Rene Cowan, have learned the value of trust in a friendship.

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