Self-Awareness is the ability to understand your motivations, attitudes, beliefs, and emotions.  By building this competency, you are better able to navigate situations and interactions with others in your daily life.  You understand your strengths, your challenges, and how your inner life can impact achievement in school, your relationships, and meeting personal goals for college, career, and life.

Our lessons and conversation starters on each page are formatted for use by the classroom teacher, parent, or other adult who works with students.  Every situation is different and these resources provide adults who access this site with the greatest flexibility for use. On each lesson page you will find:
  • Any adult who works with children and youth can choose to use the Class Lesson components in their setting and/or the Conversation Starters.
  • The classroom PDF lesson, available in the bottom portion of each lesson page under the heading School to Home Resources, has also been “coded” to the page so a parent or caregiver can see at a glance what the traditional SEL lesson was about if taught in the classroom at an earlier time.
  • Specially designed lesson extensions that complement the class lesson are also attached as a PDF and are labeled Conversation Starters; they too have been conveniently coded to the page in the beginning section entitled Family Resources and are also attached as a PDF in that section.  The Conversation Starters provide a quick overview and suggested questions that parents, caregivers or other adults can use to prompt meaningful conversation with children and youth on the topic/competency addressed.
  • Again, our design provides lots of flexibility in use, from lengthier “lesson plans” to quick reflection questions to be used at the dinner table, in the car, youth group, or other setting when reinforcement of concepts are needed, but time is a factor.
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